Object Oriented Process Environment and Notation

A Brief Overview:
OPEN stands for Object-oriented Process, Environment and Notation. It is the premier third-generation, public domain, fully object-oriented methodology/process.

OPEN encapsulates business issues, quality issues, modelling issues and reuse issues within its end-to-end lifecycle support for software development using the object-oriented paradigm. OPEN provides flexibility. Its metamodel-based framework can be tailored to individual domains or projects taking into account personal skills, organizational culture and requirements peculiar to each industry domain.

OPEN’s “heart” is a pair of two-dimensional matrices which provide this tailoring capability in terms of probabilistic links between Activities of the lifecycle and Tasks which are the smallest unit of work within OPEN. A second two-dimensional matrix then links the Task (which provides the statement of goals i.e. the “what”) to the Techniques (which provide the way the goal can be achieved i.e. the “how”).
OPEN was developed by and is maintained by the members of the not-for-profit OPEN Consortium, a group of over 35 dedicated individuals spread around the world: international methodologists, academic researchers, CASE tool vendors and users.

OPEN CASE tool support

Support for COMN, the OPEN notation, is available in:

Bullet SimplyObjects from Adaptive Arts Pty Ltd, info@adaptive-arts.com.
Freeware and commercial versions are available from this website.

Bullet Bezant’s SOMATiK, originally for SOMA, will also support requirements engineering elements of OPEN. Contact is 100073.1340@compuserve.com

Bullet Other CASE vendors will be announcing product support throughout 1999. For example, projects are under way with AST (for drawing support in GDPro followed later by process support) and with LBMS/Platinum for process support in Process Engineer.

A public listserver facility has been created to facilitate discussion on and the advancement of OPEN.

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